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I'm not sure about anyone else out there that watches this show but after this episode tonight I am completely LOST! We never heard from Michael or Walt after they left and then all of a sudden Michael shows up on the boat and says his name is Kevin...WTF!! And how is it that Sun was at the grave of her husband Jin when he was just at the hospital??

Wow, I can't wait to see where this is going for the rest of the season...
I am at my parents house now just thinking about things and I decided maybe I would feel better if I wrote them down and got other peoples advice. Before I came home I asked a guy out and he said yes, then the day that we were suppose to go out he canceled on me. I haven't really gotten a reason out of him other than he had a family obligation that he couldn't get out of. I haven't talked to him since then, I have tried but it just isn't working. I leave messages and he doesn't call back or I write and email and he doesn't respond. Should I take that as he isn't interested anymore? I still want to talk to him and even get that first date but now I am having my doubts. Why would he be all excited to go out and then not talk to me after he was the one that canceled??? I need some advice here so I can stop killing myself over this...

I just don't know...

I got a text message at about 2:45 this afternoon canceling our date tonight. A TEXT MESSAGE!! He didn't even call, actually, first he sent me a message on myspace and when I didn't answer that he sent the text. I really am going to give up on guys here...my luck really does suck!!!

First Date

I am going on a date tomorrow night and I can't even describe how nervous I am! I have worked with him for over a year now and we started talked a lot at the beginning of this year. He was the first to tell me that he has liked me and this was back in July...now we are finally going out and that is only after I asked HIM out. He said yes and I will admit I had second thoughts but that has passed. I am just really nervous...I haven't been on a real date in months and I am afraid that the night will end just after dinner. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated!!

I don't understand

I just have to get this off my chest so I am sorry now for sounding so bitchy! I just don't understand men...just when I think I have found a good one they go and do something stupid and that makes me wonder what I saw in them in the first place. I need some advice here. I met this guy a few months ago, we went out a few times and hung out afterwards and then he went on vacation for 2 weeks. Ever since he has gotten back we have been playing phone tag or emailing each other and there have been some text messages too. We would make plans to meet up but then something would come up and he can't make it. I'm not sure how to take this...does he want to see me or is he just playing me?? I am just so confused....

Awesome Birthday :)

So, I just had my birthday dinner with Nick and Terra (it wasn't that bad either) and it was good to see them again. Dinner was good, we went to the Dolphin Bar which I have never been too and the food was excellent. After that we went back to the cottage they are staying at and talked for about an hour. We had to cut it short because I have a store meeting in the morning at 6am and after not sleeping last night I wanted to get some rest.

Last night I also had a date - the first one in a while and it was awesome. We went to dinner and then back to his place for a movie. The movie wasn't the best but I had fun hanging out with him. I wanted to leave early because I had to work at 5:15 this morning but one movie turned into another movie and before I knew it it was 1am! I tried to sleep for a few hours but it didn't work. I just felt very comfortable and safe with him and I can't wait to see him again!!

Ok - on that note I am going to get some sleep - this 3 hour nap this afternoon isn't cutting it anymore!
So I made a bet with Monty, he works with me at Home Depot, and I lost the bet. He is a Gators fan all the way and I bet him that they would lose the NCAA championship. The bet was this, if the Gators win then I have to buy dinner but if they lose then he has to buy. I was talking to him the night of the game - he actually invited me over to watch the game with him but I had to work until 10pm - he then asked me to meet him at Chili's for drinks when I got out of work. I didn't go but I a wishing I did.

I sent him a text asking him to call me to let me know where and when he wants to do dinner but I haven't heard anything. Now this could be me over thinking things but it bothers me. I want to call and ask but I don't want to seem pushy...we flirt with each other at work and I think he is interested ( he did give me his number) but I think he has to make the next move.

You know - I am really torn here as to what to do - I was looking forward to seeing him at work on Sunday but now I don't know if I am working (I was told today that I had to cut all of my overtime therefore I might not have to work on Sunday).

Ok - I am going to go get ready for the movies now - I think I just need to get away for few hours :)


So yesterday I went up to Orlando to meet my cousin, Alan, as he got off the plane from being over Seas the past year. I didn't know what to expect and let me tell you how cool it was - what they did for our returning soldiers was awesome. We weren't allowed to actually meet the plane but we were all over on the Naval base waiting for them and they had 2 firetrucks at either side of the road and between them they had hung a flag - it was so cool. The bus was brought in with probably about 20 motorcycles in front of it...it was an amazing sight to see. When they started getting off the bus everyone was screaming and crying...it was very emotional.

Unfortunately I have to go to work but as soon as I get some pics I will post them and write some more about it. I am so glad he is home..now if only he will be staying here now!


So I went it to work this past Saturday thinking I would really have answers about whether or not I got the job and of course Chris had left for the day and no one else would tell me what was going on. That really made me mad - why would he tell me I would know on Saturday and then leave before I get there? He could have called...oh well.

It was also hard because one of the managers kept making little comments which made me think I got the job but when I came out and asked her she told me she couldn't say anything. Talk about frustrating...!!!

Anyways, I had to wait until Tuesday to talk to Chris because he always has Sundays and Mondays off so I called first this that morning. He said he still had to do interviews and would call me back later. He actually did call and I had to go in at 12:30 to talk with him. When I asked him what it was about he said I just had to wait...I really hate when people do that! So, I went in and that is when he told me that I was getting it - I was THRILLED! I can now leave the dealership (that job was making me so unhappy) and I will actually have 2 days off - I don't know what those are! Yeah for me - I got a promotion and I am so happy about it.

On another note, my cousin will be back from Iraq on March 10th - and my aunt is flying in from NY to see him come in. I will be going up to Orlando for the day for this - I wouldn't miss it for the world - I am just so glad he is coming home...now if only he will stay here for good...

New Job??

So I took today off because I was suppose to go to Disney to meet up with some people I worked with at Disney's Contemporary Resort - actually one of my managers was suppose to fly in from the Netherlands but plans fell through. So instead I had a day to myself - something I don't get because I work two jobs.

Well this afternoon I went to the Hope Depot to talk to the manager and let him know how interested I was in taking the position and I was told that I have to be interviewed. To me that sounds kinda funny - I have been working there since July and I have to be interviewed AGAIN for a new position - oh well. I am going to go tomorrow at 3pm and my boss, Chris, told me that he would have answers for me when I went to work on Saturday. So hopefully, if all goes well, I will be a full time employee at the Home Depot come this weekend...!

I am going to go kill some time now before LOST comes on...I really wish it wasn't on at 10pm because that is just too darn late to wait sometimes...

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